Monday, June 30, 2014

Here Comes the Fun Police

Kelly is the fun police.
She watches Ike and Zeke playing and decides when they've had too much fun and steps in to break things up. She usually finds a comfy spot away from all the action. Ike and Zeke are very rough in their play. If either Ike or Zeke yelp or bark, Kelly runs over and pushes the offender away.

Overall, she's accepting Zeke better than expected. She doesn't want to play with him, she makes that clear, but he sometimes tries. She usually is pretty tolerant but he doesn't always get the message. Then, a scuffle breaks out and sometimes I have to step in and call them apart. So far there haven't been any injuries. I'm hoping that continues. I give Kelly plenty of quiet time, in a separate room with a stuffed Kong, so she can relax and not feel stressed by all the testosterone.

Zeke wants to get along with everyone. I'm not sure if he'll win Kelly over or not. Last night he tried his best to make friends. Do you think it worked?

*Thanks to Carrie Noar of Tales and Tails  for coming up with the title for this post.


  1. Looks like some buddy has a new friend! Cute
    Lily & Edward

  2. Adorable! I think Zeke will win her over ;)

  3. Dory and the MamaJune 30, 2014 at 12:31 PM

    BOL...That is Bilbo in our house, he barks continually if the rest of the pack is having to much zoomie or bitey face fun!

  4. Do you ever feel like bitey face gets carried away? I sometimes wonder if I need to be the fun police and break things up!

  5. Yes, I think bitey face can go too far. I broke up many little scuffles with out puppies and dogs when they got out of hand.

  6. OMD! Zeke is as big as Kelly!! She looks like she not quite sure what to do. She's one tough cookie. lol

  7. That is such a cute pic! Zeke looks like "Oh, I'm so happy here with my new best friend" and Kelly looks like "Uh, Mom... Do I have to lay here by him??"

  8. That's EXACTLY the way it is!

  9. She's pretty tolerant of him but sometimes she gives him "what for."


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