Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How to Bring Home a Puppy

What's yellow and furry and cute all over?

Welcome to my adventures babysitting a new puppy. It's been a long time since I've had a puppy in my house--I've been adopting senior dogs. They're more my speed! But my son, who live on his own, decided it was time to get a puppy. He researched crate training and housebreaking, located the nearest dog park, listened to long lectures about how he'd never sleep again and how his life would now be totally changed, and was good to go!

Here's son, holding 5 week old puppy Zeke on the day he chose his pup at the breeder.

Here's son holding 8 week old Zeke on the day he brought him home!

How much did he grow in 3 weeks! What do the next weeks have in store for him?!! How much more will Zeke grow?!

Here is Zeke's first day with his new dad-

Discussing the paperwork.


Getting ready for the car ride home.

A romp in the yard before going inside his new home.

Checking out the new digs.

Playing with a new toy.

Having dinner.

Resting after a long day.

Next time- how will Kelly and Ike get along with baby Zeke?


  1. Oh my gosh, there is nothing as cute and precious as a puppy!

  2. Yep, that takes me back.

    Frankly, I'd rather enjoy a puppy vicariously than raise another of my own. Old pups are the best.

  3. So cute! (And so much work!) Love that last pic. I know we have one of Bailey sleeping in that same position!

  4. Dory and the MamaJune 11, 2014 at 8:52 PM

    SQUEEEEEE!!!!!! Good luck and enjoy the puppyhood (as much as one can!) it goes by so very fast!!

    Looking forward to further adventures!

  5. I always wonder if puppies ever get stiff necks. Zeke is adorable! I hope the puppy training is going well. Take lots of pictures and shoot lots of video. They grow up super fast!


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