Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Puppy Lovin' Coming Our Way

Four little paws...two furry waggy tail....a new little puppy is soon joining our family. My son is getting his first dog of his very own in just two more days, and we all couldn't be more excited.

Here's new puppy, resting up until he is old enough to go home.

 Although my son is grown and living on his own, I'll get plenty of puppy love. When I mentioned that it wasn't fair to get a puppy and leave it home all day while he was working, well....I opened myself up for this--I'll be taking care of the dog in my home every day while he's at work. Can't say that I'm disappointed. I hope Kelly and Ike will feel the same.

So, what does it take to prepare for a new puppy? Andy and I took a trip to the pet store, and here's what he ended up with:

Training pads, jingle bells for the door, nylabones, puppy Kong, a stuffed bunny, poo bags and collapsible dog bowl for trips to the dog park, toys, dog food and treats, and of course squeaky tennis balls!

Nice comfy dog bed, various collars and leashes (we had extras, including a New York Yankees collar and leash set), bamboo food and water bowls, a crate for in the house, and a carry crate for in the car (we had spares of these to give him.)

Puppy exercise pen to keep puppy safe when our son is in the shower or just needs 5 minutes break!

Did we miss anything?


  1. He will be a very loved puppy. We will have to remember not to let Kelly and Ike out of our love. LOL. We never could do that. Pretty soon the big day.

  2. Oh Pamela, I hear ya! I already have no time to get done what needs to be done since I work full time from home, but a mom is always willing to lend a helping hand, even when it interferes with her own needs. And since it involves an adorable puppy, well, that makes it easier! Thanks for the tip about the food toy. I will have to get creative to get any work done and to make sure Kelly and Ike are okay with this too. We have a small house and a small yard. YIKES. This is going to be tough.I wonder if I'll ever be able to leave the house. Mostly I hope Kelly will be okay with it. Ike will love it, I think.

  3. Just came across this interesting article on helping puppies to be less anxious when they come to their new home. Thought you might want to share it with your son:

  4. Do NOT feed your dog Innova!! That food is constantly being recalled for killing dogs. Check the pet food recall list. It is better to get as close to feedin raw as you can. Or in the least, pay a little more for a quality food that is natural and does not have corn, grain and meat-by-products. The better the food, the more of it the dog's body absorbs and uses, so then they have less waste. I never trained any of my dogs to go in the house. I trained them to go outside. IMO, it is less confusing to them and most of my dogs were house trained by 3-4 months old. Mind you, I did adapt my schedule to ensure that they went out frequently and were not left alone for too long when they first came home. I used my 2 week vacation time. If you are going to use pads, go to CVS or a drug store and buy the ones made for humans. They are much cheaper and if you buy the large size, they can be cut in half. But I have heard of puppes eating pads so I would be careful with them. Do Not buy anything made in China. Check all your labels. Toys too. All this is just my opinion, but just make your puppy part of your family and don't do to them what you wouldn't do to a baby human, like leaving them outside or in a car, etc. Remember that they are away from anything they have ever known and are probably afraid. Let him/her sleep in their crate or pen in your bedroom so they can hear you and not feel so alone. And use a nightlight. It sounds ridiculous, but it does make a huge difference to a pup. Good luck and enjoy!

  5. Your son will always be your baby, BOL. Well congrats to him! Not sure he knows what he is in for
    Lily & Edward

  6. Frankie and ErnieJune 4, 2014 at 12:35 PM

    Looks like a comprehensive collection fur the puppy. THIS will be FUN.

  7. The excitement of a new puppy arriving. Yay!!!!

  8. Thank you I will definitely share it with him. So nice of you to share with us!

  9. Thank you for your tips, they are great! I've never used training pads either, and since I will be home with the dog all day (I work from home) maybe they won't be necessary. Here's hoping! I've been adopting senior dogs for some time now, so it's been a long time since we've had a puppy. I also thank you for your input on the food, I agree it's so very important to give our dogs quality food with the best ingredients we can afford. I've been in touch with the Innova people and I'm confident they've got their problems resolved. I sure hope so. I would never want to give my dogs anything harmful. Dog food brands is a difficult subject. I really like Dog Food Adviser site, I've found it really useful to help evaluate food. Thank you again for your great tips.

  10. Puppies sure are adorable! Of course they are a lot of work too. I hope I can keep up! Thanks for stopping by. I have to run over to your site and see what wonderful photography you have waiting there for me to enjoy. Can't wait!

  11. Thank you! Give your dog a hug from me.

  12. Dory and the MamaJune 6, 2014 at 8:10 PM

    Oooooo...things are getting very puppy friendly in your son's place. I suggest a NY Giants collar in a slightly bigger size for football season ;-). Other than that, I think that you are set!!


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