Thursday, June 26, 2014

Welcome To K9Kamp Backyard Fun and Games

Okay Kampers. Line up. Big dogs on the right. Little dogs on the left. Any cats or bunnies? You can join K9Kamp too! This is a fitness event that is fun for everyone. So Let's Goooooooo!! (*and keep reading to learn how to enter our big giveaway, valued at more than $350!)

Welcome to Kamp!

Our theme this session is: Backyard Fun and Fitness Games

Your Kamp coaches are
Kelly and Ike from Peggy's Pet Place
Jack and Maggie from Slimdoggy
Rocco from To Dog With Love

How To Participate:
1. Leave a comment here and bark at us to tell us you're here at Kamp!
2. Commit to playing some backyard games with your dog.
3. Blog about your experience- Share a blog post once, or as often as you want, during Kamp. FitDog Friday is always a great time to post about how you're doing with K9Kamp.
4. Link up at the K9Kamp Around the Kampfire blog hop on JULY 25. (Kamp ends on July 18. This will give you one week to prepare your post and post about your experience.)

Play as much or as little as your schedule allows. Kamp runs for 3 weeks, today through July 18. Can you and your dog participate every day after work? Great! Only have time for once a week? That's great too! Just think of some games to play with your dog and join in. If you don't have a yard, a park or friend's yard or even sidewalk will do. Just as long as you get outside and have fun with your dog. Because when you're active together, you're both getting fit.

Here are some backyard games to get you started.

Grab a tennis ball

Play a game of fetch

Challenge someone to football

Gather the kids and play tag.

Tug o war

Get out your fitness gear

Find something to crawl under.

Do some laps.

Now for the prize package. This session we're offering a great canine water fountain, fitness gear including a backyard agility course, bone-shaped balancer, and a weighted vest, a cool bandana, snacks, and for you a handmade bone-shaped pendant.  Thanks to our K9Kamp sponsors for donating these prizes for giveaway. Enter here for your chance to win anytime now until the end of Kamp (July 16).

1. Drinkwell Pagoda fountain (donated by PetSafe)
2. Collarific dog bandana (donated by Collarific Dog Bandanas)
3. Kyjen dog agility obstacle course starter kit (donated by Petco)
4. K9FITbone balance gear (donated by DogTread)
5. 1 pkg 100% natural Omega dog treats (donated by SmartCookee)
6. 7 inch center bone (donated by Jones Chews)
7. handmade porcelain dog bone pendant (donated by For Love of a Dog)
8. K9FITvest weighted canine workout gear (donated by DogTread)

Okay ready? Roll Call! Bark and tell us you're here!!

FitDog Friday is co-hosted by Peggy's Pet Place, Slimdoggy, and To Dog with Love. Join our hop!


  1. Great ideas for backyard fun, Peggy. We had some canine friends to visit today that did a few laps in our pond and Brychwyn and Wilhelm kept running around the pond and looking at me like "are they allowed to do that?" Hopefully it gave them a good fitness idea!

  2. Great ideas! We got our kiddie pool out this week (Rocco's first time) and he loved it! Love your "crawl under" photo!
    Diane and Rocco

  3. I'm glad Rocco enjoyed the pool. I'll have to see how Zeke likes ours. Kelly and Ike aren't big fans (even though they love a lake.)

  4. haha. They didn't decide to join in? Some dogs love the water and others hate getting wet. Mine enjoy swimming but the kiddie pool is too confining.

  5. These are such great pictures. We might have to move our wobble board outside so we can get fresh air while we practice balance. Our favorite activity to do outside, though, is to hike! Then we come home and sit on the back porch and watch the squirrels and birds :)

  6. The football photo is hilarious! Great tips Peggy.

  7. Great ideas for backyard fitness! Fetch and tug are our favorites. I really like the wobble bone item. That looks like fun.

  8. Hiking is great! It's great exercise that isn't boring or repetitive. Sitting on the porch makes for a good reward.

  9. Yeah, she looks a bit put out by the outfit, doesn't she?!

  10. Maybe you'll win one for yourself! I think Ike could play Fetch all day. Kelly won't bother to run after the ball, BOL

  11. Jan K, Wag N Woof PetsJune 27, 2014 at 4:26 PM

    Woof! Cricket, Sheba, and Luke from Wag 'n Woof Pets reporting for K9 Kamp! We're looking forward to coming up with some new ideas for some backyard fun!

  12. Welcome to Kamp Cricket, Sheba and Luke! I hope you have lots of fun. Now off to the dining hall with you all for some good grub to get strong before you play!

  13. I hope you join in Kamp, Bailey!

  14. I love to do rescue/local humane society dog walks with my dogs. So much fun and activities.

  15. Sugar loves fetch play in our backyard, a Tennis ball is her favorite. Golden Woofs

  16. True golden retriever. Tennis balls are the best for Ike and always were for Brooks.

  17. That's great! Those dog walks have a triple benefit- healthy for you, your dog, and support a great cause. And you get to meet lots of new friends!

  18. What a great idea! Jedi and I would like to play too!

  19. I just love to do retrieving games with my pooches, throw marks and have them go retrieve the stuff

  20. My dachshund, Moco, loves to run through grass. It's one of his favorite past times... Chasing another dog or a human isn't always necessary, but preferred. :)

  21. What about rolling in the grass? That is fun too!

  22. You have smart and fit dogs to do all that retrieving!

  23. I hope you and Jedi find a new fun backyard game to play.

  24. Lol, it sure is! He likes to roll around, too, but much less so than run. I wonder if it's a hound thing? :)

  25. Somehow I never got this response? Anyway! Yes!! Moco loves to roll in the grass, too. But he's unfortunately allergic to grass so he gets REALLY itchy every time. :(


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