Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Blog the Change for Animals- Less Adoptable Pets

Years ago, when we were looking for a dog to add to the family, we arranged to meet an adoptable Basset Hound. We figured a Basset pretty much fit our lifestyle--laid back, slow moving. But when we met her, we couldn't help noticing that her teats pretty much dragged on the ground. She was sweet, laid back, friendly--and yet, we couldn't get over the site of those uh, unattractive teats. Sadly, it wasn't a match. I hope she found a great home.

Now, years later, I've learned that those teats were most likely a sign of overbreeding, and that she'd had too many litters. Probably a puppy mill dog. And I feel sad that we didn't give her more of a chance. She deserved a loving home just as much as any other pet. She is just one example of a Less Adoptable Dog. Here are some more:

Chart from Petfinder,com.

We've since adopted many less adoptable dogs, and I've learned what makes an attractive dog:

Big, deep eyes, that look into mine and make a connection.

White whiskers, that tell me she's been through a lot in life, and is wiser because of this.

Four furry paws that willingly walk toward me--or sometimes three, or maybe even two. 

A wagging tail, whether it's a whip, or a snip, or a bushy mop, or a curly nub of a tail.

A smile, even if it's crooked or missing teeth.

Less adoptable pets are seniors, handicapped, sick, or somehow considered homely. Black colored dogs are adopted less readily than other dogs. Special needs animals. Blind or deaf animals. Petfinder says that less adoptable pets sometimes wait for more than two years to find a home.

If you're looking for a great pet, consider one of these sweeties (or a less adoptable pet near you.)

Big feet, big heart!

Wearing the inflatable collar is his fashion statement.

She's in therapy, but there's no shame in that.

He thinks they took his summer haircut a bit too far.

Young at heart

15 years young and feeling good.

So sweet, you can't call him a Bully.

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  1. I'm so glad you tackled this topic Peggy!

    When we got Delilah little did I know the attention, time and training she would need. I'm not saying I'm perfect but I think there are many folks that would have returned her, so I'm grateful she found us.

    I think the harder ones are the dogs that need to be only dogs, I think so many folks might like to add another dog, but if they have an existing one....

    Great topic, great post!

  2. Thank you!
    And I'm so glad Delilah found you!
    Our spaniel Kelly really prefers to be an only dog, but I'm so proud of her for how she's accepting and even learning to love, Ike.

  3. Great post Peggy...good to shine the light on this. We agree 100% and our last three have hit a couple of these categories...but the rewards we have gotten back from them more than make up for it!

  4. Good post and a very important message
    Lily & Edward

  5. Wonderful post. I love what you find attractive in a dog now! Theo won me over with his hilarious grin, goofy bark and curly wagging tail. A lot of people looked at him and said "oh you chose a less adoptable dog", but I think he's handsome!

  6. Great post! Our first dog was definitely what someone would consider a less adoptable dog. He was the sweetest dog ever :)

  7. I love this topic. I love fearful dogs, it's weird I know but I totally fall for them.

    A few years ago I was interested in a 7 year old big lab mix, she was perfect. Before I met her they warned me that she was extremely fearful so I shouldn't expect too much right away. I saw her and fell in love. I sat on the ground and she slowly made her way over to me. Within an hour she was in my lap.

    After I completed the adoption paperwork they told me I wasn't a good fit. My work schedule wasn't staggered enough with my husbands (she would have been alone for 4-5 hours M-F) and I was heartbroken.

    Sorry to derail, I love the 'less adoptable' ones and those are the ones I'll continue to support.

  8. This is such a wonderful post. I love the captions you put with each 'less adoptable' dog. While it is important for adopters to consider honestly their own situation and needs, it's important to know that the perfect dog may not be photogenic or a puppy.

  9. You did a fabulous job of writing this post. You made me wish that i could have another dog now... but alas, not right now. Your captions are perfect.


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