Monday, July 21, 2014

Family Portrait

This weekend we took all three dogs and decided to get a picture of them together. Sounds easy, right?

The new member of the family isn't quite on board.

Zeke: "Is this what you wanted?"

It's hard work being a puppy.

Zeke: "I'm outa here!"

Finally, we got a reasonable one- Not perfect, but not bad.

 Now, maybe a change of location.

Someone's sleeping on the job.

Close, but a little too much leaning.

Again, not perfect, but here's the family!

1. Get on their level...don't shoot down at them.
2. Watch your background. Make sure there's not distracting clutter behind them.
3. Get the shot early before they get tired or bored.
4. If it's outside, it's really hard to avoid having the tongue hanging out.
5. Use a squeaky toy to make a sound to get their ears up. We use a squeaker that Kelly removed from a toy, and we can easily hide it in our hands so they won't get overexcited at the sight of the toy.
6. Act fast!

Good luck getting your own family portrait!


  1. So cute. We see some buddy who looks a bit mischievous
    Lily & Edward

  2. @Two French Bulldogs, yeah someone hasn't learned how to sit still for more than 2 seconds!

  3. BaaaaaWaaaah we love the LEANING picture... Reminds us of that super song...

  4. These pictures are too funny! Looks like every day photography attempts at my house ;)

  5. My best tip: Take LOTS of pictures and pray one or two will come out. Increase your odds by having a good photo editing program.

  6. @Kelsie Merwine If there's a dog in the picture, it's bound to be cute!

  7. @Kelley Caton Those are great tips! You sure do increase your odds by taking lots of pictures!

  8. BOL...Too cute!! We think all of them will make for some great memories!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  9. LOL! They're all cute, even if the young one wouldn't cooperate. Even with my dogs I have to take a ton of pictures before I get one that is just right.

  10. Thank you Dory and pals! I bet you have been the subject of a few photos yourself!

  11. @Nature by Dawn, it sure is easier to take a ton of pictures with digital cameras, and then just delete all the bad ones. Although even the bad ones can make us smile!

  12. You did great! Those are all wonderful pictures and when Zeke isn't cooperating it just made me chuckle!
    What a great tip about using a squeaker to get their attention, I never thought of that.


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