Friday, July 25, 2014

K9 Kamp Around the Kampfire Blog Hop

We hope you had a blast at K9Kamp and our theme this year, Backyard Fun and Games. Today is the day we get to find out how everyone did. So join us around the Kampfire. And if you were a K9Kamper, be sure to link up!

Here's what we did for K9Kamp:


As we mentioned in one of our Kamp posts, we're having some work done in our back yard, so we had to pack up and take our fun to the park (and in the process, we gave away a great Solvit ramp and side door adapter), a local ball field which gave us room to run, and was partially fenced-in.

We gave the dogs a variety of different balls to play with.


 Here's Big Brother, throwing a ball with the Wood Chuck ball launcher.

For Ike and Zeke, the best game of all was Keep Away.

Zeke plays dirty. Ouch!

Kelly took a hydration break.

The dogs loved their Backyard of Balls K9Kamp fun!

Also, Congratulations go to Jan of Wag 'n Woof Pets for winning our awesome K9Kamp prize package!
Let's all gather 'round the Kampfire now!

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  1. This was a great Kamp! It's sometimes hard for nomads to admit there is actually fun to be had in their own backyard but we learned it can be done!

  2. We aren't real interested in any games with balls, but starting today, lab cuz Lena will be visiting for a while and she will be playing lots of fetch.

  3. It looks like you had fun with balls too! Luke also prefers keep away and seeing Zeke and Ike playing reminds me so much of Luke and Sheba. Luke is always biting Sheba, grabbing her fur wherever he can! It amazes me how patient the Goldens are with the young ones. Thanks for the Kamp, it really motivated us to try some different things too, and we had fun! And of course, thanks again for our great prizes!!

  4. After hopping around the K9 Kamp entries, Honey has decided everyone else's back yard looks like more fun than ours.

    I guess it's my move next. :)

  5. Wow, looks so fun!!

    P.S. Love the new name and look! So natural!! :-)

    Lots of Woofs from Earl and I at Earl's World!

  6. We had a great time at Kamp! Looking forward to more backyard fun!

  7. Thunder would love to play ball with your gang. Well actually he would probably try to steal all of the balls. :)

  8. Great yard! Rita is green with envy! We have a tiny backyard (as do most folks in So Cal) and it's a lot of hardscape. Oh well... Rita is not much for games of fetch anyway.

    Love the pics of Zeke playing dirty! What a cutie!


Kelly and Ike say thank you for your comments!