Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Wacky Rule for Pet Parents?

No Dogs Allowed. Keep off the Grass. No Pets.
We must follow certain rules to be responsible pet parents, but not all of them are convenient or even reasonable. And some are just plain wacky.

How about this one--a luxury apartment building in New York City allows dogs (under 15 pounds) BUT requires that residents carry their dogs across the lobby.

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According to the New York Post, management at Hawthorn Park apartments, on the Upper West Side, where a 1-bedroom unit goes for about $5,000/month, doesn't allow dog paws to touch the shiny clean marble floors.

photo courtesy of iStockPhoto

Not only that, but renters and their dogs are banned from the regular elevators and must use the service elevators to access their apartments.

If I were paying that much for my rent, I'd expect a red carpet across the lobby for my pooch.

How about you? Which pet-related rules do you dislike? Do you find some rules unfair, unreasonable, or even wacky?

"MOM! We don't have any marble floors, can we come inside?"


  1. I don't like when they say we can't go to the beach
    Lily & Edward

  2. We think that at THOSE prices... the building managers should be the ones to Carry the Dawgs... Like ROYALTY.
    We don't like ANY PLACE where we are not allowed... and neither do our Parents.

  3. Crazy! Especially for $5,000. My landlord brought up a silly rule for dogs. Why do apartments and homes for rent charge an extra monthly fee for pets but not children? Children can cause just as much damage as a dog, more or less depending on the dog/child. I am so lucky we found such a great home to rent here in Iowa where our landlord is also a dog lover, doesn't restrict dog size or breed, and doesn't charge us extra fees or deposits for the dogs.

  4. @Nature by Dawn that's a good point about the children. And when you think about it, some less responsible adults can cause even more damage. So why single out a dog? I'm so glad you found a great home to rent with a dog loving landlord.

  5. That is a wacky rule.

    The wacky dog rule that gets me is that dogs are not allowed on the Ithaca Commons. If Neiman Marcus allows dogs and an outdoor mall doesn't there's something wrong.

    And don't even get me started with them not allowing dogs at Stewart Park on Cayuga Lake. What's the point?

    When I've tried to walk across the Commons I've had police warn me. But I've become a total scofflaw with Stewart Park. Since the entire park is flooded with goose poop, I can't figure out what damage a few nice dogs on leash with responsible people could do.


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