Monday, September 15, 2014

Brooks' Books- Dogs to the Rescue and giveaway

Brooks' Books--Book Reviews for Pet Lovers

Today we are reviewing:

Dogs to the Rescue
Inspirational Stories of Four-Footed Heroes
by M.R. Wells
Harvest House Publishers, 2014

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Dogs are heroes.
The recent anniversary of 9-11 brought to mind all the working dogs that served valiantly during a national disaster. My husband's recent hospitalization put me in direct contact with wonderful therapy dogs that comfort the sick. And my own pets, Kelly and Ike, are heroes to me because of their devotion and love. And, if I haven't experienced enough hero dogs, I can pick up a great book and read Dogs to the Rescue by M.R. Wells

Dogs to the Rescue is a collection of inspirational stories featuring hero dogs--from service dogs to ordinary pets--that have helped their humans in sometimes unexpected ways. You'll read about:

*ZEKE-- a golden retriever that found a man who had been trapped in a snow cave for three days.

*UG--a chow chow that guarded his yard fiercely, yet displayed a gentle love to a 5 year old girl with leg braces and crutches.

*ROCKY--a Dalmatian that helped a school boy feel safe after the Columbine shootings.

In this book, you'll not only meet amazing dogs like Zeke, Ug and Rocky, but you'll also take away lessons to apply to your own life, as the author thoughtfully draws connections between dogs' heroism and the loving faithfulness of God.
"(Dogs) seem to sense things we humans don't. They are often willing to do what we can't or won't do for ourselves or each other. And in the caring, faithful, ongoing way they love and help us, they point us to God and His rescue." -M.R. Wells

M.R. Wells is the co-author of the popular Four Paws from Heaven, and many other devotionals for dog--and cat--lovers, and hu-mom to (left to right) Mica, Becca and Marley.

Dogs to the Rescue is the perfect book for all of us with busy, stressful lives. It will leave you as calm and happy as if you were snuggling with a warm puppy. Better yet, read the book while snuggling with a warm puppy, or any furry best friend.

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*Full Disclosure- I was provided with one copy of Dogs to the Rescue to review, and 5 to giveaway. This in no way influenced my review. Opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

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  1. I had a rescued dog named Biskit who passed away a few years ago. I currently have a rescue cat named Tien along with 2 labs -Chase and Slater

  2. Currently they are Dakota, Sammer Jams, Velveeta and Zoey Monster

  3. We have donated to our local animal shelter with the prizes won from photo contests. So, while I haven't adopted a pup, she is still helping to save others in need!

  4. My past rescue pups are Kody, Buddy and Penny. Currently I have Shyla, Kandy, Ella and Ruby. Rescues are the best!! :)

  5. Cheyenne. My first dog, I rescued her when she was 8 years old- her owner had passed away. And she rescued me- from depression after my mother died, and she introduced me into the world of dogs and dog people. I've made so many friends in the "dog world", and wouldn't have ever stepped outside of my comfort zone if it weren't for her.

  6. Calin is the dog I rescued from a cold woman who was going to put him down just because she didn't want him anymore. Shame on her, but good for me. He's wonderful.

  7. Evie rescued me. however, i sort of rescued her, i was her 3rd home by the time she was 6 wks old. today she is 13 yrs old and has 2 younger sisters, whom she does not like.

  8. Thank-you for this give away! I hope it's open to those outside of the USA?

  9. We rescued a yellow lab named Sammie.


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