Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Is this Healthy Dog Play?

Healthy play involves an equal give-and-take in roles and positions. How do you think Ike and Zeke are doing?

Zeke on top.

The cow jumped over the moon.

Ike on top.

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  1. I don't know if it is "equal" but it sure looks FUN! Happy WW

  2. @Oz you are right, the puppy Zeke usually has the upper hand. But Ike doesn't seem to mind!

  3. Looks like healthy play to me. :) I love it when Maya and Pierson play like this. I know it is unhealthy, though, when Pierson gets a little rough and Maya tries to get away from him. I stop the play at that point.

  4. Bitey face playtime is the best
    Lily & Edward

  5. Looks a lot like my two and that was nothing but hours of fun.

  6. That looks like some fun play to me! I've often heard that it doesn't have to be 'equal' as long as both dogs are enjoying it. My Atka much prefers to just lay around and let Mauja jump all over him.

  7. Looks like they're having a blast. And it sounds like you're feeling more comfortable with things too. Glad to hear it.

    Dog play can be tough. Honey used to yelp (as if in pain) when playing. A trainer told me too watch what happened if I moved her away from the dog she was playing with. If she was eager to go back, she was having fun and the yelp was just a little comment.

    Even today, some people are put off by the fact that Honey growls when she plays tug. It seems scary to people but the dogs always understand it's all in fun.

  8. @Pamela that is a good point about if they are eager to get back into it or not. Ike doesn't care at all if he's playing or not! He is happy wherever he finds himself! And you are right, yes, I am feeling much more comfortable about it. I even don't worry when Kelly tells him off or chases him around the house! They all seem to have worked things out.


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