Friday, October 17, 2014

A Dog's Alphabet: G - L

I thought it would be fun to send Kelly and Ike back to school, and they've started by learning the alphabet. Last week we covered A-F and many of you contributed wonderful ideas of your own. I can't wait to hear your ideas this time around!

Here's our friend Gunner, already an academic pro!

G is for Golden Retriever--There are bazillions of wonderful breeds of dogs, including whatever makes up Kelly. But Ike insisted I write this one.

H is for Hump Day-- Why is it for some dogs, that every day is hump day? We knew a dog who enjoyed this embarrassing activity every day after dinner. Puppy Zeke the puppy tries this with Ike every now and then. Cut it out, boys!

I is for Isis- No, not the current crisis spelled with all caps, but the yellow lab in Downton Abbey named after an Egyptian goddess. I can't wait for the new season to start!

J is for Jump- which is what many dogs like to do. Up onto the bed, onto the couch, over obstacles in an agility course, and best of all, into our arms.

K is for Kelly-- Kelly says it's only fair. By the way, we think her breeds are cocker spaniel and long haired dachshund.

L is for Love. 'nuff said.

Now it's your turn!What words can you think of for G-L?
And join us next week for more alphabet fun!


  1. Hmm...
    G is for garden that Jack likes to dig in.

    H is for hungry - self explanatory.

    I is for independent, which our TIno was.

    J - well, it's for Jack of course

    K is for K9Kamp, one of their favorite events ;)

    L is for lounging, which we are going to do today.

  2. G is for goofy, GBGV's are known for being goofy
    H is for home, our favorite place to be
    I is for ice, which is coming soon with winter
    J is for Joy, my mom's name
    K is for Katie, my big sister
    L is for leave it, the command Bailie gets all day long!


Kelly and Ike say thank you for your comments!