Thursday, November 13, 2014

Guess What Zeke Ate

Ike hasn't been a happy camper lately.  I've been puppysitting less, and he's been transitioning to part-time days home alone while his dad is at work. So, to entertain himself, he's been munching on a few non-edibles.



Guess the three items below.  Everyone who guesses all three items correctly will be entered into a drawing for a Dog Cookies, a beautiful book by Martina Schops, published by Hubble & Hattie. Learn how to cook healthy treats your dog SHOULD eat!



(note: the orange toy and the tennis ball are not part of the mystery item!)


Enter your guesses in the comments below. Contest closes11/20 at midnight. Be sure to leave some way for me to contact you if you win, and check back next week for the winner and winning answers!
(Contest open to U.S. residents, except where prohibited.)


  1. I can't even imagine. But it looks like Ike has been chewing on a bicycle. Really?

    Maybe hiding some low-cal treats for your boy to sniff out would help with the chewing.

  2. 1. looks like a plastic (like tubberware or something similar) bowl, the edges chewed off.
    2. tennis shoe soles
    3. clippers or razor

  3. A plastic dog bowl.....
    Childs tennis shoe
    And mans razor.....

    Atleast that's what we came up with..... Thanks for the Chsnce to win.

  4. Looks like someone has been a naughty pup lately! My guesses are:

    1. Plastic dog bowl (looks like the bowl part is upside down with the edges now in pieces).

    2. Foam from the bottom of a child's shoe.

    3. Men's electric razor.

  5. I have to mimic the previous comments.
    1) Looks like a plastic bowl- maybe the kind kept under plants, or maybe a "real" bowl, it's hard to tell, but definitely some kind of bowl.
    2) harder to tell. but I think it's part of that shoe- probably the one, or a match to the one in the picture. Looks like a flip flop or sandal maybe.
    3) I'm going to have to go with electric clippers, too (though until I zoomed in on the picture, I almost said TV remote.)
    But I have to say, Zeke's got nothing on my little Wager's naughty boy streak as of late!

  6. Zeke sure has been doing a little munching! My guesses are:
    1. plastic snack bowl
    2. shoe
    3. TV remote

  7. Our guess:

    1. A dish of some sort (dog dish?)
    2. the matching shoe to the one in the back groudn
    3. That looks like a bike part - a pedal? Although I'm confused by all the bits and pieces! ...and the thing in your hand, which I agree with the above, it looks like a trimmer of some sort.

    Monty and Harlow


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