Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Here they are...giveaway winners!

I'd like to congratulate all the winners from my Week of Christmas giveaways! We had a great response and, without further ado...

Here are the winners!
Planet Dog Old Soul Ball--Kate V, Ruth C, Shelley P
Planet Dog Recycle Ball--Jen D, Kim L, Presert R.
Kyjen Cross Slider or Tennis Slider--Dawn M
Invincibles snake- Danielle M

Thank you to everyone who entered and come again soon!


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

5 Pawsitively Awesome things about Pawsitively Pets

New year's resolutions--I may be in the minority, but I like them. Every year, it's a reminder to focus on something positive, to make a change that will be useful or healthy. Of course, sometimes it's the same old thing (lose weight), some are work-related (start my new book), some are personal (get organized!) When it comes to pet blogs, my resolution is to expand my horizons and discover new pet blogs to read and enjoy. I know there are many great ones out there I haven't yet discovered.

And that's where the Pet Bloggers Gift Exchange comes in. Hosted by Something Wagging this Way Comes, this is an opportunity to discover new blogs and encourage, compliment and share with other bloggers. I was randomly matched with Pawsitively Pets. So today, I'd like to introduce you to a blog "dedicated to all things animal"--whether it's an old favorite, or maybe a new pet blog to you.

Ann Staub is the blogger extraordinaire behind Pawsitively Pets.
5 Fun Facts about Ann:
1. She lives in Texas.
2. She used to be a vet tech.
3. She has a dog Shiner, and two pet rats, Jack and Gus.
4.  She likes Twilight, video games and cooking.
5. She has two lovely daughters.

And here is her adorable furbaby, Shiner--a senior pit bull who loves to nap and eat!

5 Great Content You'll find on Pawsitively Pets:

1. Tons of great giveaways

2. Practical experience and information about keeping small pets- birds, mice, rats, fish, reptiles

3. Pet health tips

4. DIY tips

5. Support and information about pet adoption

 Here is my favorite picture from her blog:

Pawsitively Pets is a great blog because you can learn about pets other than just dogs and cats here. You also will find many, many opportunity to win great prizes such as dog toys, treats and pet care products. I got to know Shiner through her beautiful photos. And the content is full of very helpful tips. I hope you enjoyed getting to know Pawsitively Pets. And I hope you'll visit often!

And finally, here are 5 social media links for Pawsitively Pets:
1. Pawsitively Pets on Facebook
2. twitter
3. Pinterest
4. Instagram
5. You Tube

Monday, December 22, 2014

Outward Hound Car Seat Hammock Protector review

Kyjen Outward Hound Car Seat Hammock Protector

Kelly and Ike love to come with us for car rides, but they always leave behind a memento of the trip...a car seat full of dog hair. There are many different types of car seat covers, but we were particular intrigued by this one from Outward Hound. Kyjen sent us one to try out and review.

1. The hammock was easy to install.
2. It forms a barrier between the front and back seats so the dogs can't worm their way in front.
3. It's made of sturdy nylon material.

We give the Outward Hound Back Seat Hammock Protector high marks for ease of use and durability. Kelly and Ike enjoyed the ride, and when it was done, our car seats were free of pet hair!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Week of Christmas Giveaway #5: Orbee Old Soul ball review and giveaway

A Week of Christmas Giveaways Day #5!
Today--Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Old Soul Ball

The Planet Dog Old Soul ball is designed for seniors. This is the greatest idea, a ball that is specifically designed for the needs of our older friends! The toy addresses the issues of reduced vision and smell, weakened jaw muscles and brittle teeth. The ball is double soft, and double minty. I could smell the mint the minute I opened the packaging. Ike loved the mint too, licking the ball for minutes. He loved chewing on it and didn't want to stop. I think it's fantastic that a company has considered the play needs of senior dogs and designed a toy just for them.

One word of caution: I thought Ike was a weak chewer. He even is missing half his teeth! He's never ripped apart a toy or broken into a tennis ball. But he chewed through the Old Soul ball and ate a few large chunks. So please watch your dog, as with any toy, because even if they are a senior, they still may have stronger chewing ability than is appropriate for this ball.

We are giving away one Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Old Soul ball to each of THREE winners! Enter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway *Full Disclosure- We were given one toy to review and three to give away. This in no way influenced my review. Opinions here are 100% my own.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Week of Christmas Giveaways Day 4: Orbee Recycle Ball review and giveaway

A Week of Christmas Giveaways Day #4!
Today--Orbee-Tuff RecycleBALL

 I don't know if there's any way to explain it. My dogs are crazy for the Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff balls.
It could be the material. The rubber ball is durable, yet soft to chew. And the RecycleBALL is made of scraps from other Orbee-Tuff balls that otherwise would have been discarded!
Or maybe it's the taste. The RecycleBALL is minty. My dogs actually lick it because it tastes so good.
Whatever the reason, this ball is a winner. We love the Orbee-Tuff RecycleBALL!

We're giving away one Orbee-Tuff RecycleBALL each to THREE lucky winners. Enter below! And good luck.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tomorrow's Giveaway- Orbee-Tuff Old Soul ball

*Full Disclosure- We were given one toy to review and three to give away. This in no way influenced my review. Opinions here are 100% my own.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Week of Christmas Giveaways Day #3: Tennis Slider Review and Giveaway

A Week of Christmas Giveaways Day #3!
Today--Tennis Slider

Kyjen provided us with a Tennis Slider Dog Toy Puzzle to review. I thought this toy would be a big hit, especially with Ike who LOVES tennis balls. The puzzle works by hiding a tennis ball behind rotating panels. Treats are also put behind the panels, to help guide your dog to the hidden treats. The toy is challenging, well-made and durable. The only trouble for us was that the treats became the sole focus, and the dogs had no interest at all in the tennis balls. The game was a bit too complicated for poor Ike, but Kelly mastered it quite well. This game would be excellent for your intelligent dogs who like a challenge!

Today's giveaway: Your choice of Cross slider OR Tennis slider toy.
(Sorry, U.S. residents only eligible.)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Full Disclosure- We were given one toy to review and one to give away. This in no way influenced my review. Opinions here are 100% my own.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Week of Christmas Giveaways Day #2: Cross Slider Review and Giveaway

A Week of Christmas Giveaways!
Today--Cross Slider

I love Interactive toys. They give your dog a little challenge, while solving a puzzle to win a treat.  Kyjen sent us the Cross Slider toy to review. The toy works by hiding treats in a hollow ball, and placing it in the Cross Slider. The dog has to work the ball out of the tunnels with his paws and mouth.

Different dogs will do differently with this toy, depending upon their patience and puzzle solving skills. Let me just say upfront that Ike is still in puppy Kindergarten when it comes to puzzle solving.

Kelly is a quick learner. She used her paws to efficiently get at the toy, and even lifted it and dropped it with her mouth for maximum effect. The Cross Slider is durable, fun, challenging, and great for keeping your dog entertained for extended periods of time. Both dogs enjoyed it, and seemed to understand it. The Cross Slider appeals to all their senses--they can smell the treats, they can see the ball, they can feel the ball, and they can taste the treats. There would be a lot of repeat value in this toy.

Enter to win your choice of either the Cross Slider OR the Tennis Slider (reviewed tomorrow)!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

TOMORROW's GIVEAWAY: Tennis Slider Interactive toy

*Full Disclosure- We were given one toy to review and one to give away. This in no way influenced my review. Opinions here are 100% my own.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Week of Christmas Giveaways Day #1: Invincibles Snake Review and Giveaway

Week of Christmas Giveaways Begins Today!
Christmas Gift Giveaway Day #1
Invincible's Snake by Kyjen

Do you have a strong chewer? Kelly is a strong chewer, there isn't a stuffie she hasn't ripped open. destuffed and dismembered in 10 minutes...until now. Kyjen sent us this Invincibles snake. First, it's huge! As long as Kelly. But most importantly, it's tough. Kelly has been playing with hers for weeks now, and hasn't so much as put a single hole in it. And she plays with it a lot.
The Invincibles snake has lots of squeak to it, too!
Kelly loves swinging it around in her mouth. She plays with it for long periods of time. I'd say it's her favorite toy in the toy box.

Would you like to win an Invincibles snake? Enter here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

TOMORROW's GIVEAWAY: Cross Slider Interactive toy

*Full Disclosure- We were given one toy to review and one to give away. This in no way influenced my review. Opinions here are 100% my own.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Dog Lover's Holiday Gift Guide

Here it is--all the ideas you need to treat your pets this year! Ho ho ho!
(Pssst! Look for reviews, videos and great giveaways all next week!)

1. Orbee-Tuff Old Soul ball, and Recycle ball (Planet Dog)

2. Go Dog stuffies with Chew Guard technology (Go Dog)

3. Invincibles snake (Kyjen)

4. Dog Games Cross Slider (Kyjen)

5. Dog Games Tennis Slider (Kyjen)

6. Go Tech Adventure Harness (Kurgo)

7. Back seat hammock (Outward Hound)


8. Dogs to the Rescue by M.R. Wells

9. Rescue Me, Maybe by Jackie Bouchard

10. Heart to Heart, Hand in Paw- by Peggy Frezon (I'd be remiss if I didn't include my own book!)

 11. Loved Dog Art portrait by Mechelle Roskiewicz

12. Through A Dog's Ear  CD

13. Buddy Biscuits  (Cloud Star)

14. Vanilla Snowflake Treats (Fruitables)




Monday 12/15-Invincibles Snake-1 winner
Tuesday 12/16- Cross Slider-1 winner, choice of Cross Slider or Tennis Slider
Wednesday 12/17- Tennis Slider-1 winner, choice of Cross Slider or Tennis Slider
Thursday 12/18- Orbee Recycle Ball-3 winners
Friday 12/19- Orbee Old Soul Ball-3 winners

*Full Disclosure- Some of the products were provided to The Writer's Dog for review and/or giveaway. I've only included products in this Gift Guide that I actually use, love, and would like to recommend to readers.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Kurgo Go-Tech Adventure Harness review

Kelly wears a collar and Ike wears a harness. Although both dogs live in the same family, the different option is right for each of them. What made me choose a harness for Ike?

Doesn't Ike look handsome in blue?

A harness:
*may provide more control for walking.
*is appropriate for active, outdoorsy dogs.
*can be used with a seat belt for car travel.
*eliminates pressure on the dog's neck and trachea.
*is difficult to come apart or be wiggled out of.

Recently I was given the opportunity to review the Kurgo Go-Tech Adventure Harness. This harness is lightweight, with easy-to-use steel nesting buckles that make it easy to get the harness on and off your dog. The harness includes reflective strips, a back leash ring, a front leash ring, a handle on the back, and a car tether strap.

Ease of use: Easy to Medium
Adjustment points: 2 (chest)
Buckle System: Steel Nesting Buckles
Vehicle restraint harness: Yes
Walking harness: Yes
Crash tested harness: No
Tensile Tested (Strength tested): Yes
Includes dog seat belt: Yes
Reflective: Yes
Available Colors: Blue and Raspberry

I must add that the color blue, almost a teal blue, is really beautiful!

The Kurgo harness is easy to get on, although I did make the mistake of putting it on the wrong way at first. Ike wasn't a big fan of getting dressed up, but got used to it the more I used it. The best feature of this harness are the sturdy metal buckles. I was impressed with how easy they slid into each other to buckle and unbuckle. 

Please be aware that, while the harness can help eliminate driver distraction, this is not a crash-protection harness. Please read How to pick the right harness to determine which harness is best for your dog. The Kurgo Enhanced Strength Tru-Fit Smart Harness is crash tested for vehicle restraint safety, and is the best dog harness for car travel safety.

This is a well made, well designed harness that would be an excellent choice for your dog.
Ike weighs 65 pounds, and took a size Large harness.

*Full Disclosure- Kurgo sent me one Go-Tech Adventure Harness for my review. This in no way influenced my review. Opinions expressed here are 100% my own.