Tuesday, December 30, 2014

5 Pawsitively Awesome things about Pawsitively Pets

New year's resolutions--I may be in the minority, but I like them. Every year, it's a reminder to focus on something positive, to make a change that will be useful or healthy. Of course, sometimes it's the same old thing (lose weight), some are work-related (start my new book), some are personal (get organized!) When it comes to pet blogs, my resolution is to expand my horizons and discover new pet blogs to read and enjoy. I know there are many great ones out there I haven't yet discovered.

And that's where the Pet Bloggers Gift Exchange comes in. Hosted by Something Wagging this Way Comes, this is an opportunity to discover new blogs and encourage, compliment and share with other bloggers. I was randomly matched with Pawsitively Pets. So today, I'd like to introduce you to a blog "dedicated to all things animal"--whether it's an old favorite, or maybe a new pet blog to you.

Ann Staub is the blogger extraordinaire behind Pawsitively Pets.
5 Fun Facts about Ann:
1. She lives in Texas.
2. She used to be a vet tech.
3. She has a dog Shiner, and two pet rats, Jack and Gus.
4.  She likes Twilight, video games and cooking.
5. She has two lovely daughters.

And here is her adorable furbaby, Shiner--a senior pit bull who loves to nap and eat!

5 Great Content You'll find on Pawsitively Pets:

1. Tons of great giveaways

2. Practical experience and information about keeping small pets- birds, mice, rats, fish, reptiles

3. Pet health tips

4. DIY tips

5. Support and information about pet adoption

 Here is my favorite picture from her blog:

Pawsitively Pets is a great blog because you can learn about pets other than just dogs and cats here. You also will find many, many opportunity to win great prizes such as dog toys, treats and pet care products. I got to know Shiner through her beautiful photos. And the content is full of very helpful tips. I hope you enjoyed getting to know Pawsitively Pets. And I hope you'll visit often!

And finally, here are 5 social media links for Pawsitively Pets:
1. Pawsitively Pets on Facebook
2. twitter
3. Pinterest
4. Instagram
5. You Tube


  1. I really enjoyed your post about Pawsitively Pets. That was one of the first Pet blogs I ever found. I really had no idea what this pet blogging was about. It is a great site. I just stumbled onto yours a few weeks ago from another pet blog site. I am really enjoying your information and learning a lot. Keep up the great work.

  2. We want to wish YOU and your Peeps a

  3. The gift exchange is always fun
    Happy New Year
    Lily & Edward

  4. I've loved Positively Pets for quite some time. And I've really loved Ann's interesting posts on her rats.

    I always hear how smart pet rats are and she definitely shows it in her posts.

    Thanks so much for leaving such a wonderful gift for Ann under the Pet Blogger's gift exchange tree!

  5. Thanks for such a wonder gift and post! I really do love your idea for a list type post - very clever :) I enjoyed being partnered with you this year. Oh and you did pick one of my favorite photos too :)

  6. this is really surprising stuff. you are doing a great job here. i really appreciate it. dog food recipes

  7. Thanks for this - I know I don't visit this blog often enough...will have to get it back into the rotation!

  8. Such a nice post about Ann and her website. I had visited her site in the past and enjoyed many of her articles. It's nice to read a little more about her. Thanks!


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