Friday, December 12, 2014

Dog Lover's Holiday Gift Guide

Here it is--all the ideas you need to treat your pets this year! Ho ho ho!
(Pssst! Look for reviews, videos and great giveaways all next week!)

1. Orbee-Tuff Old Soul ball, and Recycle ball (Planet Dog)

2. Go Dog stuffies with Chew Guard technology (Go Dog)

3. Invincibles snake (Kyjen)

4. Dog Games Cross Slider (Kyjen)

5. Dog Games Tennis Slider (Kyjen)

6. Go Tech Adventure Harness (Kurgo)

7. Back seat hammock (Outward Hound)


8. Dogs to the Rescue by M.R. Wells

9. Rescue Me, Maybe by Jackie Bouchard

10. Heart to Heart, Hand in Paw- by Peggy Frezon (I'd be remiss if I didn't include my own book!)

 11. Loved Dog Art portrait by Mechelle Roskiewicz

12. Through A Dog's Ear  CD

13. Buddy Biscuits  (Cloud Star)

14. Vanilla Snowflake Treats (Fruitables)




Monday 12/15-Invincibles Snake-1 winner
Tuesday 12/16- Cross Slider-1 winner, choice of Cross Slider or Tennis Slider
Wednesday 12/17- Tennis Slider-1 winner, choice of Cross Slider or Tennis Slider
Thursday 12/18- Orbee Recycle Ball-3 winners
Friday 12/19- Orbee Old Soul Ball-3 winners

*Full Disclosure- Some of the products were provided to The Writer's Dog for review and/or giveaway. I've only included products in this Gift Guide that I actually use, love, and would like to recommend to readers.


  1. Great list - and thanks so much for including Rescue Me, Maybe! I definitely want to get Rita some of those Fruitables snowflakes for Xmas!

  2. some of cute thoughts you have express here. i really appreciate the way you are heading this food recipes


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