Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Exercise with Ike

Okay, time to do your exercises. Now first, S-T-R-E-T-C-H..... Good!

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Monday, February 23, 2015

When A Day Care Puppy Spots Its Owner

You know that moment when you come home, and your dog sees you, and is so happy to see you that she jumps and dances around and gets all excited? Perhaps you experience that euphoria even more if your dog is a puppy. Kelly and Ike always wait at the front door, and start looking out the window when they hear our car pull into the driveway. They can see us through the window, and when we approach they start dancing and wagging. But maybe not quite as excited as this....check out this video of a puppy upon seeing its owner arrive at day care. The pup's joy and excitement is so adorable! It's one of the reasons why sharing our home with a pet is soooooo special.
The video (uploaded by Kevin Clancy) has more than 7 million views.

Friday, February 20, 2015

What a Difference a Few Words can Make

With all the uproar about the superbowl commercial where the adorable puppy falls off the truck and makes it all the way home, only to have the breeder say that she's sold him on GoDaddy....I'm surprised I haven't heard more about a current Time Warner Cable spot.  The mother and the little girl are standing by a fountain, making wishes. The mom wishes for affordable home internet. The little girl wishes for a puppy. In the end, after the mom finds out how to make her wish come true, she decides to make her daughter's wish come true and asks, "Where's the nearest pet store?"

Had the woman asked for the nearest shelter or rescue group, the commercial would have made the cable company's marketing point, while at the same time helping spread the word that wonderful adoptable homeless dogs and puppies are waiting to be rescued before it's too late. It's sad to think that a pet store is the first choice for many, and that many people still aren't aware that pet store puppies come from puppy mills.

What about you--Did you find the ad irresponsible, offensive, or sending the wrong message?
You can also sign a petition to change the ad's wording.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snake Attack

Kelly had a run-in with a snake, and I'm not sure who won!

I hope you weren't too frightened!

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Just the right card

My little granddaughter is 4 months old. She gave us this Valentine's Card (okay, with the help of her mom and dad) this weekend. I think she got it right! So does Ike!



What do you think?!

Does your Dog have a Healthy Tongue?

Of all the reasons I might bring my dog to the vet's, I never thought I'd bring him because of the color of his tongue. But it turns out that tongue color may indicate some other health issues going on in your dog, and can be a good indicator of when to bring your dog to the vet's.

Ike seemed a little off this morning and didn't want to eat his breakfast, a highly unusual event no matter how he feels. I looked in his mouth to see if I saw anything that might account for it, and while I didn't notice anything particularly wrong with his teeth or gums, I did notice that his tongue was pale white. I remembered that the vet mentioned before that this could be a sign of anemia. So I made an appointment to have a check up and blood work.  Hopefully whatever is going on will be mild and treatable.

In the meantime, I looked up more information, and discovered that a white tongue is not the only color tongue to be concerned about. If you take note of any, consider discussing it with your vet. These colors MAY indicate the possibility of some of these conditions. *Please note that I am not a veterinarian, and this list is not a diagnosis of your dog, just a tool to help evaluate your dog.

  • WHITE-weakened body condition, anemia, leukemia, blood pressure problems, loss of blood,  malnutrition .
  • DEEP RED--bacterial or viral infection, hyperthyroidism, or an accumulation of toxins somewhere in the body.
  • BLUE-- pain, heart disease, circulatory problems, liver disease, hepatitis, or autoimmune issues.
  • YELLOW-- gastritis, gall bladder or liver malfunction.*
It is also helpful to take note of any coating on your dog's tongue, any bumps and sores, and be sure to look under his tongue as well.

*Information gathered from Healthy Pets article by Dr. Karen Becker.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Care for you canine's canines...and the rest of his teeth, too.

February is National Pet Dental Healthy Month.
Kelly suggests brushing your pet's teeth daily to keep their teeth and gums healthy and help freshen breath.

And, in between teeth brushing, good chews are also helpful. But bones can break teeth or splinter and cause obstructions. sent us this Nylabone DuraChew Dental Chew Dino Dog Toy to review.

Kelly enjoyed the Nylabone Dental Chew for brief periods of chewing. Puppy Zeke, however, LOVED chewing on the Nylabone! The raised nubs is great for scraping buildup on teeth, and freshening breath. We think this is a great chew for strong chewers, and especially a great, durable chew for dental health.

Celebrate National Pet Dental Health Month! Keep your pet's teeth clean and healthy.

Full Disclosure: provided us with one Nylabone Dino chew for our review. This in no way influenced my review. Opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

Monday, February 9, 2015

What's a Himalayan Dog Chew?

The other night on Shark Tank I saw three men from Nepal trying to get an investment deal for their product, Himalayan Dog Chews. Although they stated that their chews have been selling well, the men failed to get a deal. I think part of the reason was that none of the investors really understood the product. And as I look at the name, packaging, and logo, I don't fully understand it either! So I decided to do some research to figure out if this really was a beneficial product for dogs, and why I've overlooked it before now.

First of all, what is it?
Himalayan Dog Chews are made out of hard cheese made from Yak milk. Apparently this is a popular food for the people of the Himalayan region. The only ingredients are yak and cow milk, salt and lime juice.

Is it a good name?  I think a catchy name could help the product. What about Yak Snax? Although, that could make it sound like it's made out of the actual yak.

Is it expensive? The price is a little high, but if they last a long time, I think it is fair. They are available in many pet food stores, however depending upon where you live you may not find them near you. On a medium chew costs $7.08

What are some of the advantages?
They are all natural
No preservatives
Fully digestible
A cheesy flavor most dogs love
Chew is hard and long lasting
Unlike bones, it doesn't break and splinter. A dog works on the end, softening it with his mouth, before small pieces can be scraped or chewed off.  When the treat becomes only a few inches long, you can microwave the little leftover nugget and it will puff up and become soft, and you can then feed it to your dog.

How long does it last?  Chewing times vary--I read reviews where the chew lasted only 20 minutes, up to some that said it lasted for several daily sessions of aggressive chewing.

Will we try it? I'm always looking for an alternative to bones for my dogs. This seems like a great option, because you don't have to worry as much about choking or blockages. However, you should still supervise your dog, as you would with any chew treat.

 Have you tried Himalayan Dog Chews? If so, does your dog enjoy them? How long did it last? If not, is it a product you would ever try with your dog?

Monday, February 2, 2015

Did your dog watch the Puppy Bowl?

Kelly and Ike never pay any attention to the television...but Zeke takes note whenever he sees a dog on TV. So he was very interested in watching the Puppy Bowl yesterday. Whenever the puppy action left the screen, Zeke walked away, Was your dog interested in the Puppy Bowl?