Friday, February 20, 2015

What a Difference a Few Words can Make

With all the uproar about the superbowl commercial where the adorable puppy falls off the truck and makes it all the way home, only to have the breeder say that she's sold him on GoDaddy....I'm surprised I haven't heard more about a current Time Warner Cable spot.  The mother and the little girl are standing by a fountain, making wishes. The mom wishes for affordable home internet. The little girl wishes for a puppy. In the end, after the mom finds out how to make her wish come true, she decides to make her daughter's wish come true and asks, "Where's the nearest pet store?"

Had the woman asked for the nearest shelter or rescue group, the commercial would have made the cable company's marketing point, while at the same time helping spread the word that wonderful adoptable homeless dogs and puppies are waiting to be rescued before it's too late. It's sad to think that a pet store is the first choice for many, and that many people still aren't aware that pet store puppies come from puppy mills.

What about you--Did you find the ad irresponsible, offensive, or sending the wrong message?
You can also sign a petition to change the ad's wording.


  1. WE caught that also.... and the fact that $$$ was involved... it they couldn't ALREADY afford a Puppy... saving a few bucks on a bill... is not going to mean that they can truly afford to care for that puppy... and all that it will need for its LIFE TIME..

    NOPE... I was NOT happy about the Ad..

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  3. It's most concerning that companies with money and means to influence by way of mainstream media are sharing such negative messages.


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