Friday, February 19, 2016

Mike and Ike #2- A Dog's Purpose

 BOOK REVIEW- A Dog's Purpose and A Dog's Journey
Guest post by Mike Frezon

There are two things I am not.
I am neither a book reviewer or a big-time reader of fiction.
However, I AM a dog lover (just ask Ike). 
And I want to take this opportunity to let you know about the fantastic time I just had reading W. Bruce Cameron’s hit book: A Dog’s Purpose and its sequel: A Dog’s Journey.

These books reflect just about all that happens in the relationship between a dog and its owner--the full range of emotions from utter happiness to heartbreaking loss.  As told through the eyes of the dogs, the books explain how dogs sense their purpose in their relationship with their humans.
I love the way Cameron uses his characters to shed some light on why our dogs do some of the things they do that we never quite understand…and does it in a way that makes us believe it to be true.  For example, why a dog will lavish great affection on one individual and completely ignore another.  Or, why they might act in some unexplained intelligent way—but without training.  Or why they have such empathy for a particular human that they had never before met.

I promise that if you (either growing up or as an adult) have had relationships with dogs, these books will provide an enjoyable tale and give you plenty to think about as to what your dogs are thinking as they try to make you happy and discover their “purpose” in your life.


  1. This sounds like a book worth reading! Thanks for the review and I absolutely love the photo of Mike and Ike reading together. Just awesome!

    1. Thank you Monica. The book is very sweet. And, it's coming out as a movie next January!


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