Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Wordless Wednesay - Play Time

"After a busy day of scooting around in my pink and purple car, it's time to get out and play with my dog and his favorite green ball. Nothing makes a girl's day better than having a furry best friend. He takes care of me so I need to take care of him."

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  1. What an absolutely precious picture!

  2. I adore all the pictures of Grace! She's getting to grow up in the company of dogs and what better example to give her than the selfless, unconditional love of Kelly and Ike. And of course, her beloved grandparents! Thanks for sharing such heartwarming moments on your blog. xoxoxoxox Monica

  3. sweet photo - thanks for sharing.


  4. What a cute photo! It's wonderful when kids have the opportunity to grow up with sweet, gentle dogs.


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