Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Rock 'n Bowl interactive puzzle feeder giveaway

When is dinner time also play time?
Answer- When you're a dog!
I've long promoted products that help stimulate dogs' curiosity and give them a puzzle to solve, while also slowing down food consumption time. (Ike can gulp his meal in 2 seconds flat!) When I learned that a new company was providing "environmental enrichment for dogs through thoughtful product design" I had to find out more.

Paw5 Rock 'n Bowl

“Dogs are incredibly intelligent and social creatures that need ways to think, work and be active. By adding environmental enrichment to mealtime, a routine part of every day, we believe we’ve made enriching dogs’ lives easier for busy pet parents,” says PAW5® Co-Founder, Dennis O’Donnell.

Paw5 sent me their product to review...and at the end, I'm giving away two Rock 'n Bowls to lucky readers!! Be sure to enter, because you're going to want one of these for your dog!

Rock 'N Bowl™ builds off dogs’ natural behaviors and instincts, and turns mealtime into an enriching and rewarding challenge. Made to look like a standard dog food bowl, the Rock ‘N Bowl’s unique structure encourages thinking, problem solving and fun. The design allows food to be poured directly into the top, as easy as a normal bowl, and then funnels it into a hidden compartment, requiring dogs to paw, nudge, and play their way through mealtime.

Pour kibble into the top.

Kibble comes out one of the holes at the bottom.

I was curious to see how my two senior dogs would do with Rock 'N Bowl™.


Kelly, 14, is intelligent and clever, but lately has been a bit off her food, leaving some in her bowl.

Ike, 9, is an avid eater, a gulper, and extremely food motivated, but he's not a great problem solver.

Filling the feeder is simple, just dump your kibble in the top just like you would any other bowl. If you have lifted the bowl into a counter-top or something, you have to be careful or food will spill out onto the counter or onto the floor as you move it. So I would suggest having the bowl in place and filling it there.

Both dogs were curious about the bowl and had no problem solving the puzzle. While it may not be challenging, both dogs had fun.

 Kelly seemed to purposefully nudge and tip the bowl to get food to fall out:

 Ike seemed surprised that there was kibble on the floor! Where did that come from?

Food does spill out all over your floor, but if your dogs are like mine, they will waste no time in cleaning it up.

I was delighted with the Rock 'N Bowl™ . It wasn't too difficult for Ike, and both dogs seemed interested and motivated. The bowl is sturdy and attractive, top shelf dishwasher safe, BPA and phthalate free, and made in the USA!

Enter to win a Paw5 Rock 'N Bowl™ here. Two winners will be selected at random.
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FULL DISCLOSURE: I was given two Rock 'n Bowls to review and two to give away. This in no way influenced my opinions. Opinions expressed here are 100% my own.


  1. I have heard about these fun bowls and always wanted to try one!

  2. Ohhh this bowl looks awesome. I'm a big fan of food dispensing toys, and this one looks like it could handle being used by my destructive mutt Laika :)

  3. OMD that looks both FUN and FULL FILLING.... that last thingy is a PUN... hehehehe Your mom FILLED it... and you got FULL Eating what came out... BaaaaaWaaaah.

  4. I like that the bowl makes the dog "work" for the food. My Kyoko was nearly starved before I adopted her, and while she is no longer starving (and is downright chubby), she still eats like she thinks she's still starving. I have tried a slow-feeder bowl and even hand feeding her to help slow down her eating. I think this might be a good thing for her.

  5. I love that it is dishwasher safe! My dogs really get their bowls gross licking it down after each meal.

  6. We entered! This bowl is awesome
    Lily & Edward

  7. Our favorite feature is the different holes where the food came come out of to keep the dogs continuously interested

  8. Thank you so much for trying our product! And we did want to let you know that the difficulty level of the bowl can be increased by removing the inside bottom tray. Just in case you want to try it out. :)

  9. I like that you can adjust the difficulty level!

  10. i like that it will make my dogs work for their food and make them learn something. they will have to learn out to rock the bowl to make the food come out. my girls have never been good at the puzzle food games, so this will be interesting.

  11. I love the idea of it keeping her occupied - would use it for treats

  12. Really cool eating device, I need to get something like this for my pup. He has a tendency to eat to fast causing him to sometimes choke on his food.

  13. I like that it is easy to clean, and it would keep my dogs busy. I would love to see them eat from it.

  14. I like it, looks more fun than a lot of the slow feeders around.
    Now they just need to make one for those of us on wet or raw food. ;)
    ~Lickies, Ludo!

  15. I like that it doesn't spill onto the floor

  16. I love that it's interactive and makes them work for it without making a mess. :)

  17. This is so cool! I bet Sam would enjoy it! I love that Ike and Sam are your reviewers:)❤️


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