Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tara the Terrier Who Sailed Around the World Book Review and Giveaway

Is Ike dreaming of sailing on the deep blue sea? Or just reading a good book about it?

Ike doesn't have a boat or an ocean, but he makes do with his wading pool.
 You may know Something Wagging This Way Comes blogger Pamela. (If not, you should check her out!) She, along with her hubby and their sweet golden retriever Honey, are living aboard The Meander, living life on the seas. It's fun to hear how a dog handles daily life on a sailboat.

I recently learned of another dog who sailed around the world with her family. Hubble and Hattie, publishers of great dog books (and the same publishers who put out my Dieting with my Dog!) sent me a copy of the book to review and one to give away!

Tara, the Terrier who sailed around the world by Rosemary and Robert Forrester, is a well-told and heartfelt tale of travel and love.

From the publisher:
Tara, the terrier who sailed around the world” is the exciting and touching story of a Jack Russell who had at least nine lives – and many more adventures – with her owners, Rosemary and Robert Forrester, as they sailed around the world on a yacht.
The story begins when Robert flies from Columbia to Florida to buy some essential boat parts, and returns with a six-week-old puppy. Rosemary is both delighted and anxious: how will a dog as lively as a Jack Russell adapt to living at sea? This tiny dog has to learn how to keep her balance on a boat which is tilting sideways one minute, then crashing down on a wave the next; how to find a way to play ball without being washed into the ocean; how to learn to eat fish instead of meat; how to swim in the sea and get back on the boat; how to see-off all potential intruders, including marauding seagulls and customs officials. 
Above all, Tara has to learn how to survive when she is washed overboard – not once, but twice. Rosemary recounts their incredible adventures as they sail from the Panama Canal to Australia, and on to Malaysia and Thailand, where they survive the Boxing Day Tsunami. Finally, their journey takes them through the Indian Ocean to Mozambique, where Tara ends her days. 
For animal lovers everywhere – especially those who like travel and sailing boats – this is an emotional and uniquely entertaining tale.

What makes a Jack Russell terrier a keen fisherdog? When she joined us on Deusa at six weeks old, all of Tara's natural instincts to kill rats or chase foxes down holes became channeled toward a marine existence. What was there to hunt along the beach but scuttling crabs and little silver fish? Tara dedicated her time to running up and down in the shallows, pouncing and snapping at the shadows and shapes that darted and dashed in the clear water.
Lemon sharks liked to hang around the anchored boats, waiting for tasty morsels chucked overboard when cleaning freshly-caught fish on the back deck. these sharks were bold and curious: not afraid of swimmers, especially if they were spearing fish, and would even swim by the shore to check out anything new. They were not dangerous, but the word shark inevitably conjured up an image of Jaws and we were respectful of their presence.
Tara loved the freedom of the beach, and I enjoyed looking for shells while she played in the water. One day, I was some distance away from her when I saw a lemon shark heading in her direction. There was no use calling, as she never liked to be interrupted in her fishing.
I started running back, imagining the shark gliding up to seize her by a slim white leg or black nose as she stuck it underwater. I could now see the shark in the shallows, its fin sticking out of the water as it edged in for a closer look at the strange creature prancing about....

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Would your dog like to sail? Why or why not?

*Full Discolosure: I received one copy of this book to review and one to give away in exchange for my honest review. Opinions here are 100% my own.


  1. Yes, because she loves adventures ...

  2. The three dogs I have right now would likely NOT like to sail - they aren't even too happy about car rides. However, we actually had five dogs until we lost two of them. My Ran left me for the Rainbow Bridge about 16 months ago (she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder). However, Ran was the best shotgun rider I've ever had drive with me. She was born deaf, but never let that get in the way of having fun. She couldn't get enough of car rides, so likely she would have loved going sailing, too.

    1. I'm sorry about the loss of your dear Ran. She sounds like an inspiring pet with a big heart.

  3. I'm not sure that mine would like it. I have 2 Boston's, and they don't really like to play in water, so I don't think bobbing around on it would be their thing.

    1. Bostons have such great personalities! That's okay if they prefer staying high and dry.

  4. Hmmm. Shiloh would hate sailing. He's *terrified* of water. Wager, maybe. He doesn't care about water one way or the other, and would spend the first part of the trip angry at everything. But once he got used to it, I think he'd enjoy it.

    1. It may not be their thing, but I know they keep busy with lots of other activities!

  5. Mine would like it I think- he loves the water!

  6. i dont think any of my 3 gals would like to sail. they dont like to get wet, hate baths, hate the hose and they are chicken when it comes to adventures. they are pretty much scardy cats when it comes to new things.

    1. Sounds like strictly landlubbers at your place!

    2. had to give the girls baths and hair cuts today, i think i got as wet as they did. they do like playing with the water hose though.


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