Friday, June 23, 2017

Old Gold in my Life- 3 Before and After

I never intended to adopt senior dogs. Never planned to have my heart broken over and over again. But then again, I wasn't prepared for the amazing joys either. I never sought out senior dogs. But they keep finding me.

First there was Brooks. He was 11 yrs old when we adopted him. Someone had apparently dumped the old guy and left him to survive on his own.
This was sad Brooks before we rescued him:

Brooks Before
This was Brooks a few months later, after a little love:

Brooks After

I thought I could never love a dog, or be loved by a dog, the way it was with Brooks. Then came Ike. Here's goofy Ike in the rescue group's photo:

Ike Before
  Here's Ike after we got him, and he became a certified therapy dog. He was so loving.

Ike After
 Recently my husband and I decided to rescue a younger dog. But a month ago Ernest found us. He's 8 1/2 years old. Here he is the day we adopted him. He was scared.

Ernest Before

And here he is one month later. He's happy, relaxed, full of energy and nonstop love.

Ernest After

Why do I love senior goldens? They fit my lifestyle. They're pretty mellow most of the time. And mostly, there is a gentle wisdom about senior dogs. They've learned about life, sometimes the hard way, and they understand what they need. Mostly, my senior goldens have just wanted to be loved. 

Other dogs may come into our life. But we'll always have a place for senior dogs. My husband told me recently that when he retires, he'd like to open a retirement home for senior goldens. I can't think of a better way to spend our golden years.


  1. Oh! My! Goodness! Mike and I must have some kind of spiritual connection somehow -- I've been wanting to do that very thing since we retired. Unfortunately, we just do not have the funds required for such an undertaking. And Shadow and Ducky's relationship is so tenuous and unpredictable at times that I need all my wits to be able to deal with it. I hope you guys realize that dream!!

    1. Such dreams but who knows! Tell Shadow and Ducky hello from me!

  2. Ike you are one special boy
    Lily & Edward

  3. Ike was a beautiful boy, i am so happy for you and the 2 boys you rescued. what a difference a little love and care does for such wonderful boys. so glad you found one another. may you have many wonderful yrs together.

    1. I never thought a dog could be as loving as Brooks...and then I never thought a dog could be as loving as Ike...and now I wonder if a dog could be as loving as Ernest!

  4. You and your husband are heroes in our eyes Miss Peggy. Thank you fur opening up your hearts and your home to senior doggies.
    We luvs you!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

    1. Thanks Maggie Mae and Max! I bet your humans will agree that you guys are the ones that make it all worthwhile and give so much love :)



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