Monday, July 10, 2017

Hello, My Name is Petey Introducing the new puppy.

Even before we brought home new puppy Petey, our first thought was how would we make sure it goes well between him and Ernest?

"I'm so cute. How could anyone not adore me?"
Ernest is almost 9 years old. Petey was almost 9 weeks old. Would they like each other? Would Pete be too much for Ernest? Would Ernest be too rough on Petey?

The first thing we did was walk them together in a neutral area. Ernest gets along well with other dogs so I didn't feel too concerned that he'd have a problem. He and the puppy walked well, mostly doing their own thing. Then we let them loose in the fenced yard together. When all went well we brought them inside. Luckily Ernest is a very mellow older guy.

In the house, we supervise all interactions. At first Ernest was mildly interested, then he seemed to say, "Okay, he's small, he's cute I take him back." The puppy enjoyed following Ernest around and biting his tail. Sometimes we interpreted Ernest's sad looks up at us as if to say "Help me!" I'm not sure if that's really what he was thinking or not, but in the very beginning it was really hard not to feel guilty for bringing in this tiny needle-toothed competitor for attention.

"Okay, he's cute. But I'm not so sure I want to keep him."

When Ernest needs a rest, sometimes we use a puppy corral. We put it in the middle of the living room so Petey would feel in the middle of the activity, throw a bunch of toys inside, and let him play.  If he barks or whines to get out, we just ignore him and because he had so many exciting toys to play with, he soon forgets to whine and just has fun. We give him a tiny training treat when he's being quiet. This works well, when used sparingly, as a great time out--I know Ernest is glad to have a break from the puppy chewing on his ears, biting his tail and pouncing on his back.

"I love to playyyyyyyy!"

Ernest chews on a nylabone occasionally.
Petey pounces, tugs, and chews and attempts to destroy everything he sees.

Since Ernest is a laid-back dog, he isn't very assertive at correcting the puppy when he's pushed too far. Sometimes we step in so Ernest won't be too tired or gnawed to shreds. 
Most adult dogs will growl to teach a puppy that he's gone too far. A puppy usually learns the rules well from the older dog. We think Ernest could be a little more bossy!

I think most important of all we give lots of encouragement and attention. We spend time cuddling with each dog, and other times playing and running with each dog. Lots of walks, too. We've already come together as a family. And I think Ernest and Petey like being brothers.


What about you? Have you introduced a puppy to your resident dog? How did it go?


  1. So glad to read about your introduction. Hope it continues to go well.

    We've done many introductions between foster puppies and Honey. The play pen was a necessity with our last foster, an Australian cattle dog. She was incapable of resting unless we put her into the pen.

    It was almost as if she needed permission to stand down and rest.

    1. It is interesting to see each dog and their personalities, especially the foster dogs and rescue dogs who may have been through a lot. I know you gave those fosters a wonderful, warm place to live.

  2. Oh my word!! Precious. You keep the baby in line Ernest
    Lily & Edward

    1. Ernest just let the puppy pull fur out of his tail so I'm not so sure how much he's going to keep Petey in line. Sweet old guy.

  3. They are adorable together! So glad the intro is going so well!

    When we first got Ducky, both Callie and Shadow did their fair share of telling Ducky to behave herself; but now that Callie's in Heaven and Shadow is two years older, she doesn't tell Ducky off like she used to. Instead, she gets up and walks away from her. Sometimes I really wish she would - maybe Ducky would leave her alone more often.

    1. It's difficult when you've got such a sweet gentle soul who doesn't correct the youngster. But I also adore those sweet gentle guys.

  4. so cute together. Evie was 8 when i got a puppy, she did not like it, then the following year i got another puppy and she was really mad. Evie was an only child for 8 yrs. she did not like being the center of attention and the youngest would take her toys and treats. now Evie is elderly, almost 16, has terminal cancer, almost completely blind, deaf with dementia. so Evie gets so much more attention now.

    1. Hugs to your Evie. She sounds like our Kelly who was the bossy girl and didn't particularly enjoy sharing the attention. But when she got dementia she started to depend on Ike to help her navigate.

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  6. Hi congrats to your cute little Petey , thanks


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