Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Petey's First Day of School

The first day of school is here for Petey. He's ready to start his training to eventually become a therapy dog.

Here he is  at 12 weeks old and ready to learn. He's enrolled in puppy kindergarten with trainer Teri. I like Teri because she emphasizes a positive learning environment. No pushing and tugging and jerking. She has lots of lessons for little puppies. Here Pete's learning "sit."

There is even recess! The pups get to zoom around and play together. If one gets to be a bit bossy or possessive with a toy, Teri intervenes, scoops the puppy up and gently holds him for a little time out. This way Petey will learn about positive interactions with other dogs. Here he's playing with Luna. And yes, Petey got a time out too.

We had a fun obstacle course too. Pete went through a tunnel and hula hoop.

Pete loves school! I hope he graduates!
 What tips do you have for Pete as he goes through puppy kindergarten?


  1. Petey looks adorable. It's so good that you are taking him for training. We've had dogs through the years, but only thought to get our last one trained. (He passed away 4 years ago at a ripe old age and we still miss him!) The training he went through enabled him and us to interact and communicate much better. You mentioned Petey is training to become a therapy dog, so I'm sure his training will be much more comprehensive, but you'll reap the benefits of it at home, as well. He is just so cute! He makes me miss our dog all over again.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I'm sure you miss your dear friend who you loved for so long. We've never done training with a puppy before either, although we've always done obedience training at some point when they were older. Methods have changed a lot over the years. Our last dog, Ike was a therapy dog so we're looking forward to doing it again with Petey and Ernest.

  2. Looks like you are doing just fine. Recess! Your class rocks
    Lily & Edward


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