Monday, November 19, 2018

That comfortable-uncomfortable place your pet naps.

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Our dogs enjoy the comfort of their own cozy dog beds. They're allowed on the couch and  in my big green chair with the matching ottoman. They can lie on the hardwood floor or the braided rug. They even climb up into "my" chair in the living room when I vacate it. Truly, comfort is important to them. So then why do they sometimes do something that looks so...uncomfortable?

One of Petey's favorite napping positions is this:

Does that look comfortable?

And Ernest has a habit of sleeping atop tables like this:

All I can conclude is that this must be comfortable to them. Does your cat or dog nap somewhere that seems comfortable to them, but looks like it really shouldn't be that comfortable? Tell us where in the comments!


  1. I do not have pictures ...
    Yes he does ...
    He is a strange one ...

  2. my 2 gals are allowed anyway in my house and on anything, (that cant hurt them or fall off of)...Harley used to have a habit of walking along the top of the back of couches and chairs, like cats do, which really scared me, thinking she might fall off. it is amazing some of the places and positions dogs sleep and are comfortable. Ernest is funny sleeping on the table, does not look comfortable to me.

    1. Yes, our pets are part of the family. That sounds so cute Harley walking along the back of the couches and chairs. Kelly used to sleep on the back of the couch and on a very narrow windowsill (inside on the porch, thankfully, so no worries about her falling off.) I don't know why Ernest likes the tables!!

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