Monday, January 21, 2019

Change a Pet's Life Day Jan 24

My pets make a big difference in my life.

Ernest, Petey and Zeke
If you love animals, I think you'll agree!
We don't need a special day to understand this...but I love this holiday coming up, Change a Pet's Life Day. That's because this is a day to celebrate how amazing pets are, and to remind us all to give back.

This year Thursday, Jan 24 is  Change a Pet's Life Day. The day was created for nationwide recognition of homeless pets in need of happy forever homes, which is an awesome way to change a pet's life. And I can think of other ways to give back for all the great things pets do for us, and change their life too.

photo by Roy Gumpel

Here are some ideas:

1. Sign your pet up for a class--Work on their obedience/manners class, or give them a challenge with agility, Rally-O, or another sport. Having something to engage their body and mind will improve their life.

2. Enrich your pet's environment--especially if you leave your pet home while you're at work. Give your pet some interactive toys, place a cat tree by a window, play some music or turn on the television while you're away.

3. Volunteer at a shelter or rescue group. There are many jobs you can do which will help change pets' lives.

4. Give a dog some exercise--Commit to giving your dog a nice walk at least once a day. Do you like to run? Some shelter dogs would love to run with you! Help an elderly neighbor by walking their dog. Keep dogs healthy by keeping them fit!

Change a pet's life...and I think it's going to change your life too.


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  2. I agree, Peggy! Pets give us so much joy and meaning. My husband did not grow up with pets, but after 44 years of living with me and my plethora of cats--and our kids' bunnies, guinea pigs, rats, and parakeets--he's seen the love and enjoyment they give us. Thanks for sharing these tips!

    1. I love that you've been able to expose him to the joy animals bring. I especially love guinea pigs! :)

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