Monday, February 11, 2019

Julius K-9 review

Recently we reviewed some awesome dog harnesses made by Julius K-9. These are excellent quality harnesses we found to be really well-made.

 The harnesses attach in the back, which is excellent for many dogs, especially those who walk nicely on the leash. Since Petey and Ernest are strong pullers, we wanted to try a new feature for the harness, which converts it into a front-control harness. This was simple to attach, and worked well in helping Ernest and Petey walk without pulling. The vest is so sturdy and the velcro and buckles are super-strong. It is important to make sure you have the right fit for this harness.

Julius K-9 now makes a new harness called IDC Longwalk dog harness. The harness has a joints friendly system to protect and care for your dog. I feel very confident in the harness for walking my dog. If you are looking for a superior quality harness, I think you'll be very pleased with the offerings at Julius K-9.

They also sent us two dog toys to try out! Petey especially enjoys these balls with rope handles. He loves to fetch and chase after them. The angular design of the ball makes it bounce in all different funny ways and directions. Petey also enjoys carrying it around by the handle, and letting it swing as he runs. The material of the ball is strong--Petey is a strong chewer and hasn't gotten through it yet.

Julius K-9 also sent us these adorable stickers to hand out at the recent book signing for The Dog in the Dentist Chair. Since the book is about how animals help kids, I thought this was a really adorable and appropriate sticker, and the kids loved receiving them.

Julius K-9 is a really interesting and caring company. The creator and inventor of the products is Sebo Gyula, or Julius, from Hungary. Gyula worked as a dog trainer and began developing harnesses for police units with service dogs. They also design and produce harnesses and equipment for military dogs, and have expanded to include equipment for hiking and sporting dogs.

*Full Disclosure: We were provided with two IDC Front Control Y-Belt and two IDC Neon flourescent ball toys for our honest review. Opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Dog Who (Accidentally) Run Marathons!

Does your dog like to run? Some dogs like to run marathons.

Stormy the dog runs alongside another runner in the Pipeline Marathon near Kalgoorlie, WA.
Source: Rhea Wholey

Last summer in Australia, a stray dog named Stormy completed a half-marathon. The adorable 1-year old stray is brown and black with short legs and expressive ears. The dog was brought to the pound, but fortunately several of the runners have inquired about adopting the pup.

Dozer, a 3-year old goldendoodle, ran about seven miles in the Maryland Half Marathon after slipping through the invisible fence in his yard. The dog has since raised money for cancer.

Source: (WeRunHuntsville/G Gelmis & J Armstrong)

In 2017, a bloodhound named Ludivine was let out onto her 40 acre property in Canada, when she spotted runners at the start of a half marathon. Ludivine decided to join the fun, and completed the entire 13.1 mile race, finishing seventh!

source: TheDodo

And last week, a woman was running a marathon in Bangkok, Thailand when she spotted a puppy on the side of the road. The puppy was very small, appeared to be all alone, and had no identification. So Khemjira Klongsanun scooped him up and carried him along in her arms for the rest of the race. Later, she went back to where she spotted the puppy to see if the mother or any siblings were there in need of help, but found none. So the adorable little guy joined her family!

One thing these dogs seem to have in common, even more than the love of running, is the love of being around people. Dogs will do just about anything to be by our sides...even run a marathon.