My Books

Faithfully Yours
The amazing bond between us and the animals we love
(Paraclete Press, October 2015)

"Blissfully engaging and full of love. Faithfully Yours beautifully conveys the connection between animals and their people. A heartwarming must-read for anyone who has experienced the power of this bond." —Dr. Marty Becker, “America’s Veterinarian,” as seen on Good Morning America and The Dr. Oz Show

Book Lover's Best Friend  

Heart to Heart, Hand in Paw 
How One Woman Finds Faith and Hope Through the Healing Love of Animals
Inspiring Voices, 2012

Luanne and her husband share a dream of living a simple life in the beautiful Vermont countryside. But these middle aged homesteaders discover that their piece of paradise isn't without challenges:
*the dog has separation anxiety
*the goose is afraid of water
*there's a fox in the pigpen and raccoons in the hen house
*their homesick donkey cries all night
*and their truck has slipped into the pond

And from there things only get worse! Drawing upon a lifetime of meaningful relationships with animals, Luanne finds the courage to persevere. And when desperate circumstances threatened all that she's worked for, Luanne discovers strength in a most surprising place.

The Dieting with my Dog Guide 
to Weight Loss and Maintenance
H.S. Brooks Press, 2012

"Whether you already work out with your dog, or are just getting started, this book is for you. It is full of useful advice and motivation to get and keep moving. It starts by telling why and how we should be working out with our dogs, as well as tips on both diet and exercise for both humans and dogs. There are inspirational and instructional stories from many names who are well known in dog fitness and blogging circles. This goes well beyond taking your dog for a walk, there is a great variety of ways to get and stay fit, so we don't get bored with the same old thing. The author helps you to realize that these aren't unattainable goals, but that we can all do this and she demonstrates that with her own story of how she and her dog keep fit, as well as stories from others who have done the same. Pick up this book and you will find yourself referring back to it again and again as you reach and maintain your own healthy goals with your dog!"  -Jan K

Dieting With My Dog
One busy life, two full figures...and unconditional love.

Hubble & Hattie, 2011

"We think this book would appeal to anyone who has loved a dog ... It is for anyone who has challenging relationship with food - using it for comfort and to stave off boredom, for those who have battled with weight all their lives, or anyone who suddenly finds, after years of not having to think about their body, that they are suddenly piling on the fat. It is also for anyone who is facing that challenging time in their parenthood when their children are beginning to look outwards from the family; a time of accomplishment but also of loss. Perhaps doctors should prescribe a loving dog to all those going through this!" - Pet Owners Association